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10 vital steps to help your dog with separation anxiety



Does your dog become increasingly nervous while you get ready to go out?


Do you feel guilty every time you plan to leave your dog alone?


Have the neighbors complained that your dog barks constantly during your absence?


Are you spending a fortune on dog sitters because you can’t leave your dog at home?


Have you ever come back home to the devastation and destruction your dog caused while you were out?

If so, your dog is suffering from separation related issues.

My name is Rosee Riggs. I am the Founder and Director of Separation Anxiety Dog Training, and dedicated to helping you teach your dog to feel safe and content when home alone.

With my successful online programmes, I’m teaching my clients all over the world to help their dog feel safe staying at home alone.

To start your dog on the journey to recovering from separation related fears, I invite you to download my free ebook by clicking on the icon above. There, you will find some vital information to help you on your way.

If you need urgent help with your dog, please connect with me, Rosee, by arranging a complimentary discovery call here.

You may already know about my bespoke Content Home Alone Programme and want to reserve a place directly. If so, you can do that right here.

Thank you so much for helping your dog overcome their fears. A very warm welcome to you!


I’ve been a canine behavior advisor since 2012. Around that time, I adopted a retired racing greyhound who could only stay at home with me. He freaked out even if I left him with someone else he knew.

So I know first hand what a challenge it is to live with a dog suffering from this phobia.

Meanwhile, I’ve have studied on three full trainer education courses. Over the years, I have helped many dogs cope better in our human world. Increasingly, I specialized in anxious, fearful and traumatised dogs, and those from a background of deprivation.

So it was a natural progression to do a further intensive course qualifying me as a Certified Separation Anxiety Pro Trainer.

Now, I am humbled and privileged to teach many compassionate and dedicated clients from all over the world to train their dogs to feel safe and happy home alone.

I invite you to reach out to me for a discovery call so I can help you and your dog too.

Rosee <3

Rosee Riggs

I offer a force-free, needs-based approach and specialise in:

  • Isolation Distress and Separation Anxiety (online training programmes so I can help you wherever you are located.)
  • I am very experienced rehabilitating rescue dogs, anxious, and traumatised dogs. 

I can work with you in both English and German.


I have the following canine behaviour qualifications:

  • IPACS l and IPACS ll  (Sheila Harper & Winny Boerman)
  • Diploma as Canine Behaviour Practitioner (Dip. Canine.Prac. from the International School for Canine Psychology and Behaviour)
  • Separation Anxiety Pro Trainer (Julie Naismith)

I am a full member of the Pet Professional Guild, INTO Dogs and ICAN which certify me as an ethical, force-free behavior advisor.  To stay up to date with the latest science and most effective methods, I complete a minimum of 40 hours of Continuous Professional Development annually.

Thank you for taking the first steps in supporting your dog!

Remember to download my Free ebook, if you haven’t already 🙂

Please reach out to me for a complimentary discovery call if your dog needs urgent help.

Or book my premium support programme directly here.

Looking forward to working with you!

Rosee <3

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Welcome to my Blog!

I hope you enjoy reading the articles and they contribute to your understanding and enjoyment of life with your dog.

Spreading the Love

Spreading the Love

If your dog only feels safe with you, it's a significant additional burden as you can't leave them...

All Things Threshold

All Things Threshold

I want to repost the ladder/examples of communication your dog may show during home alone training...


We’ve managed over 30mins this week on our separation anxiety training with our greyhound Jonty. Hooray! It means we can now make trips to the community shop in the next village while he slumbers away toasting his paws! Small steps every day and it’s working.



You are such a wonderful trainer, knowing exactly how to change the process to fit Ranger’s needs. More people could certainly use your help!

Ashley G. with Ranger


When I got my dog Capper at 12 weeks old, I had prepared myself for everything but the fact that after four years of training, he still couldn’t stay alone. Instead, he howled and barked all the time. After four different dog trainers with different training approaches without success, the frustration and pressure increased. My kennel then brought me to Rosee and it is the best thing that could have happened to us. I learned a lot and understood where the real problem was. Rosee’s training method is not only sustainable, but she follows you every day, gives daily feedback and is always available. It is a long and very small-step way, but with the trainings before, Capper always just held out until it was no longer possible. In the meantime, he is relaxed when I close the apartment door behind me. He doesn’t even care when I come back, which was unthinkable in four years despite training.

Thank you Rosee!


Every dog can overcome the anxiety of staying alone – with patience, love and professional guidance. Rosee can lead you and your dog through this process, with all her expertise and heart.

Isabella and Stefan, with Loui


My Journey with Rosee started after a breakup with my Partner. My Partner worked at home so my dog was never alone. After he moved out, my dog couldn’t stay at home alone anymore. He once ran away when i was at work and he destroyed my kitchen door. I was completely lost and heartbroken for my dog. Rosee helped me through the hard time a lot. She is understanding, motivating and lovely. Not only did she teach me how to train my dog with separation anxiety but she also thought me to read my dog’s language. After weeks of training my dog settled down and is now able to stay at home alone, even when i am at work. I’ve never been closer to him. I´ve never written a review before but Rosee is someone I can really recommend!

Lara B. with Nikos


We started training with Rosee for our dog, Mabel, when we moved to Vienna a few months ago. Despite practicing leaving her on her own since she was a little puppy, and despite taking one-on-one training classes in the UK to help her get over her separation anxiety, we were unable to leave her even for a few moments. Nothing we tried had helped. Working with Rosee has been invaluable. She took a very personalised, attentive approach to the training and we have slowly progressed towards leaving Mabel alone for short periods. We still have a lot of work to do, but Rosee’s support has helped build our confidence and Mabel’s and put us firmly on the path to success.

Lydia with Mabel

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