Content at Home Alone Separation Distress Classes

Let’s change your lives for the better

I’m delighted to announce a first of its kind – the Content at Home Alone Separation Distress classes. These online group classes are one of the best ways to eliminate your dog’s separation distress.

Over the course of six weeks, you’ll work with me, Rosee Riggs, a Certified Separation Anxiety Pro Trainer, to solve your dog’s problems. You’ll be joined by caregivers in the exact same position as you – desperate to make their lives stress-free.

The Content at Home Alone online group classes contain the following invaluable resources:


6 weekly live classes on Zoom, stuffed with practical feedback and advice, with Rosee who works with dogs all over the world, helping them recover from their separation fears.


The Separation Anxiety Starter Kit, the ultimate foundation resource, showing you what you’ll need to put in place before you start the desensitisation exercises (normally worth $250).


The opportunity to be part of a community of caregivers in your position, swapping tips and advice on your individual situations.


Practical exercises - it’s not going to be all theory! You’ll leave each session with the perfect way to progress your dog’s desensitisation.


Video feedback! You post videos of your training sessions in our exclusive Facebook group for direct feedback. Rosee will advise you on your training to ensure you’re making massive progress.


The opportunity to join our exclusive membership group, upon completion of the classes, normally only by invitation only!


The ability to upgrade to the premium programme within fourteen days of starting the classes if you feel 1-2-1 support is the best way for you and your dog to deal with the separation distress.

Spaces are going fast and for good reason! Imagine being able to finally leave your dog without stress in 2024?

The cost of the six week class is $180, a drop in the ocean considering the amount of emotional and physical stress you feel knowing you can’t leave your dog.

The next round of classes begins on April 25th 2024

If you’re ready to take the smallest step to make the biggest progress, 

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So excited to see you making progress towards your dog feeling secure at home alone!