Using an up-to-date, effective training method, I teach people how to help their dogs recover from separation anxiety.

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Left untreated, your dog’s separation anxiety will continue to govern your life.

No wonder you feel guilty, desperate and trapped when you try to leave your dog at home.

With the right advice, you and your dog can live the harmonious life together you both deserve.


Look forward to…

…being spontaneous again: 

  • popping to the shops for a loaf of bread
  • going out to a restaurant with your partner
  • meeting a friend for a coffee
  • running a few errands
  • just not being tied down!

…a social life without your dog:

  • going to a family gathering
  • going to the gym
  • going to the cinema

…saving money:

  • replacing damaged furniture and articles.
  • on daycare
  • on dog sitters

…saving time and hassle:

  • trying to find a dog sitter
  • looking for a dog walker you trust
  • having to plan absolutely everything in advance

Look forward to… coming home to your dog feeling safe and relaxed, instead of distraught.