“I feel like I’ve tried everything to fix my dog’s separation anxiety”

It can definitely seem that way, can’t it?

Your life is on hold when you have a dog who panics when you leave. You feel like a prisoner in your own home. And seeing your dog so frightened is miserable.

No wonder then that you’ve tried everything going…

……from anxiety wraps, to diffusers, from crates to calming chews.

You may even have tried the classic advice dished out by some people (who all of a sudden seem to be separation anxiety experts!) …

…“You just need to let your dog cry it out”

The reason none of these supposed fixes have worked isn’t because your dog is being disobedient. And it’s not because you’re a bad or incompetent owner.

It’s because separation anxiety is a panic disorder. Your dog has a phobia of being home alone.

The fancy treatments and training methods that you find all over the internet don’t get to the heart of your dog’s panic. In fact some training methods, like letting him bark it out, make the fear worse.

The training method that does work is the same that’s used to treat human phobias (makes sense right?). It’s called desensitization. To get your dog comfortable being home alone you need to expose them to tiny amounts of alone time very gradually.

“Oh, but I’ve tried that too, and that didn’t work either”. Maybe. We tend to think we’ve tried desensitization, but we’ve usually done so without being given the guidelines which are vital to success.

Yup, guidelines. You see, desensitization is a precise method based on scientific research. Do it right, and your dog learns being home alone is safe. Do it wrong, and you make no progress. Or even worse, you make your dog even more frightened of being alone. The line is very fine.

The method I teach follows the guidelines. And it works.

My method is simple. It’s science based, and it works

Now, I know the thought of systematic desensitization might seem daunting. I understand that because I was also in your shoes with my own dog.

But now I’m a trainer and I’ve worked online internationally with many separation anxiety dogs.  I’ve taken the rules of desensitization training and made training easy. Of course, you still have to put in the work. But the training’s easy to follow, easy to understand. 

The easier you find it to follow, the more likely you and your dog are going to get results.

Want to start using my method and find out for yourself how straightforward I make it?

If so, then you need my Training JumpStart Program.

Here’s what’s included in your Training JumpStart Program:

1. One video call (up to 90 minutes)

  • You’ll learn about separation anxiety and exactly what’s going on with your dog during this advice-packed hour
  • You’ll get my baseline assessment of your dog’s separation anxiety to work out just how bad it is
  • You’ll learn about my methods, and what you’re going to do to get your dog over this
  • You’ll get my specific recommendations for what you need to do to train your dog and body language pointers to help you accurately gauge your dog when you train
  • You will get a video recording of the call so that you won’t miss anything important.


2. Exclusive access to buy additional Troubleshooting Top-Up Sessions

You won’t’ find these on my website. These are sessions that I only offer to my JumpStart clients. If you feel stuck and you can’t work it out on your own, just book a 40-minute call with me. You get access to me at the special rate of $45.


3. One month’s free access to the SA Pro Separation Anxiety Training App

You don’t have to worry about the complex task of writing a separation anxiety training plan, which is what most owners find hardest when they try to go it alone.

I’ll do that for you and give you an individually tailored training plan on the app for you to access! The Separation Anxiety Training App is like having a trainer on your phone 🙂


4. Best of all, you get peace of mind…

…knowing that you’re using a method that works. And that you don’t have to waste any more time or money on things that don’t.

All this for just USD $249

After my partner moved out, my dog couldn’t stay at home alone. He once ran away when I was at work, and he destroyed my kitchen door. I was completely lost and heartbroken for my dog. Rosee helped me through the hard time a lot. Not only did she teach me how to train my dog with separation anxiety, but she also taught me to read my dog’s body language. After weeks of training my dog settled down and is now able to stay at home alone, even when I’m at work. I’ve never been closer to him.

–Lara Catherine Black

Every dog can overcome the anxiety of staying alone — with patience, love and professional guidance. Rosee can lead you and your dog through this process, with all her expertise and heart.

–Isabella, Stefan, and Loui

Jagger was a very troubled rescue dog… Rosee was more than helpful and with some very simple, yet hugely effective advice, we have been able to help our little dog relax and let go of his stress. Rosee has shown me how to tune in to a dog’s basic fundamental requirements. No tricks or time-consuming techniques, just going back to basics and adapting a few everyday situations to meet a dog’s needs. Very simple changes that I had completely overlooked, that have given my dogs a much more relaxing, peaceful state of mind, and in turn, strengthened the positive relationship I have with my pets.

–Lorraine, Jagger, Presley, Indie and Angus

Rosee was my last hope after months of struggle. I had trained with my dog Kipferl in one of ‘the usual ways’ which resulted in his separation anxiety getting worse and worse. At first I was bummed out because I had to start at the beginning again, but in the first weeks we only took small steps and he already made good progress. Apart from that Kipferl was much happier because he didn’t get scared anymore.


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Training JumpStart Program: 249 $